Sunday, July 7, 2013

Take a leap, before you fall !

Someone’s waiting for you at the backdoor; gaze around before you move on. That someone might not wait for you eternally. When you feel you have achieved everything in life, sit back and realize how you made it up there and get back to those who stood by you, believed in you. Love happens every day, with things and people around you, feels their presence ,watch that random kid riding his bicycle for the first time, that guy struggling to walk with his crutches, catch the first drop of rain , these are some things which are worth living through. Never forget little things in life, while you are in a rat race. You are in that race not to achieve great achievements but taking pleasure out of petite things in life. And for that you need to halt and look around, see beyond those smiling faces and those shallow praises. It shouldn’t occur that you have gone past so many things that when you reach heights, you find everything blurred instead of more clear.
So, fear less and live more, listen to the music which is played by life ubiquitously, and sway along with its tunes. Shy less and articulate more, that jiffy might never happen again. Live for what your heart yearns for and not for any show business. People forget and overlook things and folks as easily as that blooming flower in their garden. So make time for your fad and go for it, never dread that tumble , because sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on.

Take a leap, before you fall

Sniff the wind
Which carries a scent from a distant land,
Whisper those sweet nothings to him
Take a free fall;
And take a leap before you fall !

Someone loves you out there,
Give him your time
Earn a penny less
Spend the rest lavishly, pal;
And take a leap before you fall !

Have faith in your dreams,
They do come true
Work that tad more
Then go for the ineffectual;
And take a leap before you fall !

Don’t hide that drop of tear,
Wrangle with the cause of it
Toil and labor till 
The grin on your pretty face is back;
And take a leap before you fall !!

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