Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evoke, emulate and evolve!

Even when her part of the story was veritable
She would smile through the hassle,
Arguing by no means, should be an alternative
This congealed in my mind, all assertive!

She never let me do any household chore
Pampered enough, and was told I’d learn when responsibilities appear,
Now whilst doing every errand
I evoke, imitate and it’s no less than a magic wand!

She tried to mould herself in every situation
Compromising won’t lessen your position,
So my frown turns into a grin
When I visualize the scene!

Doing every work so diligently
Yet so quickly,
Always made me marvel
Now, even I finish my work with the same sparkle!

Even unknown people came with their sorrow
She showed them a new tomorrow,
Now when friends discuss with me their disquiet
I recall her gestures, and make them alleviate!

She treated other’s children with equal consideration
And never let them feel unseen,
I learnt, there’s nothing like one’s own or someone else’s
It’s about how well we empathize and feel it en masse!

She fulfilled everyone’s needs with equal attention
And never got perturbed, even if someone nitpicked,
Calm and composure should be one’s best friend
Emulating this in my life makes it serene!

She never scolded, she never preached
But she said a lot with her deeds
Eloquently yet naively, I learnt my life lessons
Which only very few can bestow!

Manners and etiquettes taught alright
However things beyond these mattered in a plight,
Selflessness is such an art
Which only a mother bequeaths through her heart!

One learns only when he sees
Setting an exemplar with such an ease,
Doing stuff against it, feels like a lapse
I wish to follow your footprints till my journey elapses!

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