Friday, December 20, 2013


Vague and unsaid desires
Which our heart and mind conspires;
Fears and apprehensions, at times set us aback
Yet, that tinge of sanguinity keeps us on track!

Dreams at all times seem ecstatic and delighted
Not citing the toil and tough grind;
The rocky paths and mountains
One has to traverse without any bargain!

Sometimes strong winds can stir us up
Letting despondency and despair come up;
Out-and-out pessimism keeps us high and dry
Besides keeping prospects as a far cry!

Nevertheless, that sensation
When all of it comes into motion;
The things which we never really fantasized
But, somewhere within, had that trace of likelihood!

It’s also like those tacit desires
Taking exquisite structure;
As if, God has been sculpting it
Though we were never vociferous about it!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A true sentence and more!

Amidst all the catastrophe
Make sure you are in freedom from strife,
You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another
Yet you can find those innumerable possibilities altogether!

Because when you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerous
But what’s life without any consequence,
Exploring possibilities has its own fruits
Sour or sweet depends on its roots!

It’s also like pure love
When you love you wish to do things for,
You wish to sacrifice for! You wish to serve!
Besides, never to go on trips with anyone you do not love!

There’s no one thing that’s true. It’s all true
Because the truth is always see-through!
It’s always intact and coherent
Above and beyond all the counterfeit!

This post was written for Write Tribe - Hemingway prompt
“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”
— Ernest Hemingway

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fell for it, nevertheless!

As I was walking down the aisle, those 5 months just flashed back in my mind. Was it so designed from the very beginning? Not really!

Going through various profiles, for a suitable guy, was reasonable enough. Though, screening through various bio data, each week was a tedious errand. Sometimes, giving up all hope, was what we went through and then a few sleepless nights with a voice whispering all along “God has a better plan, trust him”

I think it was God’s entire plan, when, on an early winter morning, my dad’s phone rang, as usual discussing about a guy. Dad insisted that he was the one, and asked me to meet him. I didn’t even bother to go through his niceties. I thought about giving it a shot. I had a firm belief that, dad knows what kind of a guy, I have always wanted and he must have chosen the right one.

When the meeting got fixed, in the coffee shop of a hotel, I hardly tried to look at him. The family seemed loving and decent. There was no proper question and answer session. And then we were asked to have a chat in private. It was just like I was chatting with my friend, I didn’t observe much, just that I was comfortable talking to him and enjoyed. Rest I could find out, once we get to know each other better.

Both the families agreed and everything got fixed, in a flash of second. I had many doubts and apprehensions but I knew I would soon find out more. Days and nights passed, I was happy talking to him all the time. He had a great sense of humor; I started to adore him for the way he was. But what I call love, I really don’t know if I was really falling for it. Everything was perfect, the way I would have imagined, then why this fear? I wouldn’t say I didn’t trust him, because I did! Then what, just because I knew him only for a few months and decided to spent my entire life with him? Maybe yes! But this is how I had always planned.

Well, amidst the arrangements, I hardly had any time to ponder over such thoughts. Days and nights passed like seconds, everything got really frenzied.
Finally the day had come; I had butterflies, of all kinds, beautiful, ugly, colorful and gaudy!And when I actually took my steps towards the Mandap, he moved his Sehra aside, and fixed his eyes on me, at first I tried not to look, as hundreds of eyes were already set on me, and then, hesitantly  when I looked back at him,I knew all of this was sincere. It was that moment which gathered so many memoirs that it would help it, last forever.

At that moment I realized so many things, like when he is by my side, I wouldn’t say that challenges won’t stir me up, but I know he will be there to hug me. I know even in the worst of times, we will have the best understanding. When two different people meet, they can certainly not agree on everything. And it is also not about every time one or the other is compromising. It is about how, at times, one puts the efforts to make the other understand, and at other instances let him do what he wants to and occasionally, even fight!

Everything can never be perfect or according to what we want. Situations around us will always keep on changing, even people and places!But if there is someone like him, for whom, I don’t know if it’s my love or respect, but because of the kind of person he is, even if it comes to the worst of the circumstances, when I would want to cry aloud in his arms, I will never try to be strong and be fake. Because he is also someone, who I look up to, I want to be like him, not be mean and selfish but be selfless and pure like him.

Enjoy the Saturday movie nights with him (however lame the movie is!) rather than puking around in pubs! (According to me that’s not  cool! ) For me love isn’t only about cuddling and kissing! It is about how I look up to him and always strive to be a better person, not for the world, but for oneself.

Maybe the life will get boring, but I won’t care, for, the life is being spent with the one, whom I love! I don’t think love gets lesser or more, true love is always consistent and is always there, with the every breath, it is there. And love will always be there, without any rules, even if one leaves before the other, I know it will endure. It will never get affected by the happenings in life, the kind of relationship we have with kids, if we have any, the progress we make in business, the nosy relatives we will have to face. None of this will affect our bond.
Words or actions won’t matter. Everyday saying “I love you” doesn’t prove that its love, everyday hugs don’t prove it either! Loving, loving and simply loving matters. The ways of showing it don’t matter, showing it at all doesn’t matter. When the days come, when we have to be apart, I would never long for his call, not because I don’t yearn for it, for the fact that I have that composure and I know he is doing something worthwhile, and when it ends, he won’t wait for a second and reach out for me. Being sarcastic can never be an option, because I know I will love him so much that things like this won’t find any place .Everyday compliments are appreciated but never a necessity because I will always be the prettiest girl for him. My nonstop chit chats won’t entertain him for long but definitely not be loathed by him.

And when my selfishness, blends with his selflessness, the two souls can never be put apart, because one completes another in every sense.

His love for me, really reached my soul, and gave it all he could!

As my tears of joy fell on my hands, I looked down at the platinum bands we exchanged, a few months back, at that point of time it was just an engagement ring, however, at this instance I realized that platinum signifies our pure love which  is rare and eternal, and will never fade.


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jeez , why didn't I think of this? or did I ?

The buzzer has sensors installed, making sure I get off my bed. Its 2030, the world has gotten smarter, and people lazier. Sleeping is nevertheless ,therapeutic!
Exact 8 am and my robot, knocks at the door, waits for my permission and gets the bed coffee and breakfast, but also makes sure, that I brush my teeth, before any of this. I get into the bathroom and the censors detect my presence and the automated brush, the moment I put it in my mouth, makes sure,  fights with all the germs in there!!

Subsequently, whilst I am done bathing in my musical shower, for exact 15 minutes, the shower turns off! I come out, thinking... Err... I need not think, I have loads of options to choose from. Alas! The suitable dress is not in my virtual wardrobe, I need to buy it.  I take a look in the mirror, and on the sides I find the site eBay, which has all the shoes, bags, dresses, suits, cosmetics of this universe. I select one and try it virtually, I find my reflection in the mirror wearing it. Nah! The color isn’t going well with my skin tone, wait a sec, I need not change the color of my dress, I  go in the cosmetics section and select “air brushing”  And then I select the apply option through the motion sensor. Tada!! I am good to go!

Yep! This one's much better! 

 As I take a sip of coffee and have the low calorie breakfast, the robot reads me the news headlines. Selecting the car according to my outfit is my favorite task, I check in eBay, since it is a yearly contract of selecting among a number of cars, my favorite is a vintage car! It takes me directly to my office, only after I say aloud office!

It might be 2030, yet vintage is appealing!

Even in the office, the manual work is negligible, we just need to enter certain codes, and get the work done. Robots are our slaves, until they over power us and make us their slaves!
Office hours are over, and I need a break, I think of shopping but for that, now I don’t need to roam around, browse the malls, so its no more that fun. So I feel like taking that ride in a theme park! So I select my favorite theme park, for entertainment, buy its tickets, from eBay just in a swipe and then reach there in fraction of seconds.

It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.
-         Albert Einstein

After getting back, I am hungry, for dinner, I decide to eat something homely; I log into eBay and order my favorite, home cooked rajma and rice. And within minutes, it is on my table!
The day is over, everything has become mechanical, still the body and moreover the soul needs some rest. As I lay on my bed, I wonder - World has connected to the extent that it has become smaller, paradoxically, created more distance between people. Robots have made us their replica. No one is ready to share their love and care for anyone. However advanced we get, we still have that longing, perhaps no shop in the world can sell it. And probably no one can buy it. Because it is something which is from heart to heart, and requires indulgence.

Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. 
-         Albert Einstein

From morning cup of coffee to the evening dessert, I wish I still had my grand ma and mom around, to pour that coffee into my cup, with lots of love or serve that plate with scrumptious dinner; the taste in their hands cannot be compared with any emotionless machine. Maybe I can buy a number of things from EBay but not the human touch!

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity 
                    -         Albert Einstein

The robot can forcefully wake me up in the morning but can never grant me those few extra minutes of sweet sleep! I can buy clothes and accessories according to the requirement, but cannot satisfy my inner thirst, everyone in this planet and now since scientists have researched, even on Mars, the aliens long for emotions. Maybe I was happy one and a half decade ago, when our lives were somewhat dependent on gadgets and we could shop from home, get everything in a couple of days, but still had those feelings of love, friendship and fondness!

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. 
-         Albert Einstein

Love seems to lose its identity. And maybe, tomorrow when my buzzer starts off, I can feel my mom’s hand on my forehead, saying- "sleep for a few more minutes, you have a tiring day ahead." I think even that low calorie and extra nutritious cereal, ordered online, doesn’t give me the energy which I get with those words!

I wish there was a buzzer indicating the loss human race is going through. Maybe even Einstein is mocking on us and saying “Jeez why didn’t I think of this” 
In fact he did!

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. 
-         Albert Einstein

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A whiff here and there!

Yes! There is a void, within, which needs to be filled. Maybe it’s the state just before you grab hold of what you always wanted to. Going through such a phase is excruciating. It makes everything around you gray! You try to overcome it but it requires endurance to fill up that vacuum. It might also be a sign that something great is going to happen very soon. It is like that phase when it is going to drizzle, and creates an uncomfortable environment, because it hasn’t rained for long. As if, the earth is calling out to the clouds to start pouring. Because once it starts to rain, it will quench the thirst of many. Moreover, there is something extraordinary in the winds, which carries the smell of the earth, the messages of the loved and estranged ones, also the hidden fondness of enemies.

Feeling the rain and loving it!

Though, I love the feel of the winds as it is, but it also takes me to  simpler times, when only scoring good and playing around was foremost. Getting back from school, having lunch, relaxing for some time and then playing outside in the evenings was a tradition. As a child I used to love the monsoon and playing in the rain. Usually when it started to rain in the evenings, the power used to cut off, the thunder and lightning made me so thrilled that I used to run around in the house with delight that it’s going to turn spooky very soon. Mum used to shut me up and light up the candles, and my favorite pastime was putting my finger across the flame and flaunting to my brother that even I can do it. We used to play with shadows, and scare each other. And the moment when power went on, we used to dash around to blow off the candles and sing lame songs. I used to love the smell of the wax when the candle was blown off, it gave me a feeling of celebration, like after we cut the cake.

The smell of the wick-amazing!

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” 
- Jeffrey Stepakoff, The Orchard

There are certain other nostalgic smells which revive feelings associated with the bygone era. Like the smell of the balm, my granny applies it sometimes and instantly I recall my grandpa, I used to rub it on his forehead every now and then when he had a hectic day, only I was allowed to apply it, because my grandpa said that there was some magic in my hands which helped his pain to subside. And bonus, sometimes I also used to get my favorite chocolate in return. Greedy me!
Grandpa and grand daughter time- a bond so strong!
I miss him!

  The other day, my granny caught hold of me and maybe after years she was oiling my hair with the coconut oil, its aroma transported me to the days when it was almost a daily thing to oil hair, my mom used to massage my head with oil, and then neatly tie up my hair in pig tails. I think there was more to it. It wasn’t about simply putting oil in the head but it was love and affection. Nowadays showing love has a different meaning, but we should try to convey our feelings through such deeds, it has a delight of its own.

Since I have started earning, whenever I start counting my money I usually take a whiff here and there of the currency notes, it also reminds me that , how on Rakshabandhan I used to get lots of currency notes, and the first thing I used to do was smell it. My mum used to scold me saying that don’t whiff like some animal, and go and keep it safely. At that time I never understood the significance of money but, naively loved its smell. And now who doesn’t love its odor, but only because of its worth!

That day when my book got delivered at home, I was opening it and unknowingly I smelled its outer cover, which reminded me of the school days, when we used to get all our books and notebooks covered with plastic sheets, I simply loved the smell, in fact during school hours I used open up my bag again and again to take a whiff of it.

Sometimes remembering these little things fill my heart with joy, and jam the empty space with beautiful memories, what is life without such happy moments, recalling them is just like reliving them.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Still alive!

When the birds fly towards a wrong way
Leaving their home far away,
With only memoirs of olden times
When I close my eyes,
The tears start caressing my cheeks
And the nights become bleak,
Though we were put together like the earphones
Like when they are kept without attention!

As I think of him
The reminiscences befall grim,
At times I droop
Like I had a spoonful of cough syrup,
Perhaps, even the fire has turned icy
And I turn out to be frenzy,
I feel it might be god’s prank
Although I already sank,
But I still hear that melody
Which keeps me still alive!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Food for the soul

For some reaching the mountain top is overwhelming
For others sky is the limit,
But a few relish their every moment
In exploring the eternity!

For some triumph comes evidently
For others after putting that extra tad,
But a few look beyond those clich├ęs
And spend their time, watching the birds!

For some work is worship
For others sincerity and compassion is,
But a few, put in, a whole lot
In knowing themselves utterly!

Maybe honesty and contemplation is not enough
Neither is integrity and benevolence,
For the soul requires nothing
As, itself is complete!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Say- no more!

A cry comes from the inside, please do not hurt me, do not kill me, and do not treat me like dirt. I am a part of you, I have started to form, I exist, maybe I can be seen only through instruments but I have started to form. Such cries are either ended then and there or are thrown away after they are born. Even junk is treated more appropriately and categorized as recyclable waste and non recyclable waste, than girls. Somewhere down the line, even the fairer sex is equally responsible for such behavior. The old rotten thoughts which have lost all scientific validity, is still treated as the base for decisions. A place where women are treated as a cause for not being able to give birth to a baby boy, besides the fact that women carry only x chromosomes and instead men are responsible, (not exactly, but if someone were to blame) in deciding the gender of the baby, several other marriages were conducted, in older times just for the desire of a baby boy, who can carry over their names. This is pathetic, and what is even more pathetic is that, this is being carried over from generations .We call ourselves educated, but our actions do not reflect the same. How do even people think of throwing their child in a garbage bin, a well or a river? Some are killed in the womb itself, without realizing that it can harm the mother also.This doesn’t end here, when a girl child is born they are treated differently, they are taught different lessons of patience, values and virtues. They grow older and face the world with even more discrimination.

When things turn up in a perfect good shape, they are not appreciated much, they might not even be given its credit but just one blooper and they are indicted of the things which they have not even committed. They suddenly become responsible even for the cricket match India recently lost! And only because they are  girls, provided they do not have a bundle of choices, because no matter what, their responsibilities come above how and what they feel. For some it’s a routine, for others it’s the silence for not hurting anyone, for some it’s a daily thing and for others, it has become a prolonged habit. But for the rest, who don’t consider themselves an inch lesser than man, raise their voice for such injustice.

But also, who do we blame? Because things have been like this, especially in our country, like since Adam. It’s in the soil , air and water of this country , they are answerable for things they choose to do and even for stuff they don’t do , but they definitely have no right to question. And those who do, might end up in any of the extreme conditions, of over powering it or making it worse for themselves.

Being kids they are taught, that if a brother is teasing  or even hitting them , they are not suppose to dissent , because you are a girl and he is a boy.  Children do not even have that sense; it is the elders, who put that sense in them. Another thing which is taught, girls should compromise, should be given the smallest slice of cake, and still, should feel thankful for it. And girls, learn all of it, with practice and maybe they are blessed with that extra talent which helps them to smile through the difficult times. Some do it effortlessly and some need those additional efforts, some have it in their blood and some practice it continuously.

Nevertheless  a few, the rebellious ones, stand for themselves, believe that they can change the world, surely they can , if not for everyone in the same way but in little ways.  They build a path which takes us to the destination . And with this ride to the unknown, untouched and unfelt end comes a new beginning, which we call a revolution.

So, we can’t simply fold our hands and nod at the injustice happening. We all can contribute by taking steps in our own simple ways, we may find it needless and lame, but then huge change calls for a certain level of effort which can’t be done over night. It requires self belief, patience and perseverance, and the change will happen.We all should stand by what is right and say that no more of it will be tolerated, and fight for it till the injustice is wiped off. 

Say no more!

When you find a lass sob
You know that, just wiping tears isn't your job,
Instead lend a hand and take her off shore
And say - no more!

When you see the bias happening
You can't keep approving,
In its place, open another door
And say- no more!

When you witness inequality creeping
Stand for what is right, without much thinking,
Spread your lore
And say- no more!

And when you feel that maybe the deed is lame
Do not forget that it is just the beginning of the game,
Because the wounds are still sore
And say- no more!

We all must join hands with  Evan Grae Devis who’s fighting against girl genocide, who has really led a great initiative in Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.  

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Friday, July 26, 2013

The shadow of your smile!

For aspirations have taken flight
 We have to mount that height,
Toiling that extra mile
To spot the shadow of your smile!

Darkness may perhaps be a phase
For sunshine to ablaze,
Gathering the rays in a pile
To glance the shadow of your smile!

The path can be quaking and boggy
And future all smoggy,
But I won’t give up for awhile
To glimpse the shadow of your smile!

For there comes a time
When in the wind, the bells chime,
And we are not afar the aisle
Then it gets difficult, to hide the shadow of your smile!!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evoke, emulate and evolve!

Even when her part of the story was veritable
She would smile through the hassle,
Arguing by no means, should be an alternative
This congealed in my mind, all assertive!

She never let me do any household chore
Pampered enough, and was told I’d learn when responsibilities appear,
Now whilst doing every errand
I evoke, imitate and it’s no less than a magic wand!

She tried to mould herself in every situation
Compromising won’t lessen your position,
So my frown turns into a grin
When I visualize the scene!

Doing every work so diligently
Yet so quickly,
Always made me marvel
Now, even I finish my work with the same sparkle!

Even unknown people came with their sorrow
She showed them a new tomorrow,
Now when friends discuss with me their disquiet
I recall her gestures, and make them alleviate!

She treated other’s children with equal consideration
And never let them feel unseen,
I learnt, there’s nothing like one’s own or someone else’s
It’s about how well we empathize and feel it en masse!

She fulfilled everyone’s needs with equal attention
And never got perturbed, even if someone nitpicked,
Calm and composure should be one’s best friend
Emulating this in my life makes it serene!

She never scolded, she never preached
But she said a lot with her deeds
Eloquently yet naively, I learnt my life lessons
Which only very few can bestow!

Manners and etiquettes taught alright
However things beyond these mattered in a plight,
Selflessness is such an art
Which only a mother bequeaths through her heart!

One learns only when he sees
Setting an exemplar with such an ease,
Doing stuff against it, feels like a lapse
I wish to follow your footprints till my journey elapses!

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