Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time- the greatest healer

Time, undoubtedly is the greatest healer. You tend to forget things with time.
Thoughts of the past fade away, unknowingly, healing up your wounds
At times, when something affects you badly, you break down. But as the clock ticks, days and nights pass, the balm of time is rubbed on you and that is automatic, effortless and is bound to happen.
At the first instance when things go wrong, pessimistic feelings come from everywhere but sooner or later you overcome it and forget the past. And definitely, you become a stronger person and realize that if I could bear this, nothing else can bother me in future.

Not so perfect !!

All of us want the perfect scores, perfect friends..in short, a perfect life.
Don’t we?
But perfection with itself brings boredom. When everything becomes perfect , we don’t enjoy, we don’t learn anything from it. But if there’s imperfection, there’s a scope of improvement and thus we grow and learn.
Enjoy your life even if it’s imperfect, because nobody’s life is perfect, shortcomings make us a better person. Imperfections add spice to our lives, it makes our conversations lively. It makes us look at life with a different perspective, a different angle altogether.
So, live your life to the fullest – even if it’s full of imperfections.