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Appa with mint chuttney (South Indian dish with a Central Indian twist)

Living in central india has its own benefits ,here north meets the south and the east  meets the west. Central India happens to have the best street food , best local restaurants besides subways, MC d's and pizza huts. We can taste the blissful north Indian and south indian food 

at the same place.

Having a father who is a foody , we have found the best chaats , jalebis and kachoris in the town. International cuisines with an Indian twist are irresistible.

Every now and then we try several recipes at home. This one is one of my favourites. Its light, easy to make and less on calorie count.


Serves 2 ( with a good appetite)

Sooji                                         200 gms

Capsicum                                1
Onion                                       2
Carrot                                      1
Peas                                         1
Coriander leaves                    few leaves
Green chillies                          4
Mustard seeds                       few
Yogurt                                     1 teaspoon
Salt                                           a pinch
Mint                                         few leaves
Peanuts                                   10-12
Eno                                           1 packet



First of all you will need an appa maker which is easily available at any utensils shop.

 Take a utensil in which u can mix all the ingredients. Chop 1 onion, capsicum ,carrot , coriander leaves and 2 green chillies into small pieces. Put sooji in the utensil, add 

chopped vegetables, green peas, 1 teaspoon yogurt , a pinch of salt, and little water to make a thick paste. Add one small pack of eno. Mix thoroughly into a thick paste.
Heat the appa maker, add little  Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil in the appa maker. Put a few mustard seeds in the oil. Heat on simmer.
Add the prepared paste in the appa maker. Heat on simmer and full accordingly.
Switch the sides of appa by turning it with the stick provided
with the maker. Add little oil in between and also while turning the appa. Heat till they are crisp. Tasty appa is ready.

Mint chuttney

Take a few mint leaves, 2 chopped green chillies, 1 chopped onion, few peanuts and salt to taste. Grind together in a grinder.

Serve appa with the mint chuttney. It takes hardly 15 minutes to cook this , it is healthy and a light breakfast and can also be served as a starter. 

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