Sunday, June 16, 2013

When the mythological character Arjun, meets the inquisitive character of modern era!!

I have always loved the way Arjun presented himself in front of Lord Krishna about his doubts and apprehensions. Though he has always been a good human being, worked for his loved ones and the kingdom, was very sharp in archery and possessed all the good qualities. But when in the battlefield he had to fight against his gurus, friends and relatives, he faced a dilemma and had a dialogue with Lord Krishna, which happens to be, the source of knowledge, of how we should lead our lives. Akin to Arjun, even I feel the need of raising such questions to my Guru. And I feel Arjun was brave enough to grasp such knowledge so quickly and then applying it practically.

He questioned that he doesn't want to kill people for the sake of ruling the world and he cannot be at peace if he does so. So Krishna explained him that death is definite and the hour is set, you are nobody to kill and you are nobody to save them. Everybody is a divine soul, soul never dies, soul never takes birth, its omnipresent, only the costume changes, the outer cover changes, so you shouldn’t mourn. You are feeling this way because you are attached to their bodies, but actually they are not those bodies, you are suppose to love them and love everyone else without any sort of attachment to the cover. The soul enters a body with a purpose and when the purpose gets over; it leaves the body and come in some other form or maybe become eligible for salvation, depending on its karma.

And then he asked that if he wins the battle, he will lose his loved ones , so with whom he will share the victory and if he loses then also, the kingdom will go in wrong hands so he doesn't know what to do, as the future is unpredictable.Then Lord explained him-It’s in your hand to perform karma but result is not in your hand. And you have to accept the consequence, be it positive or negative. Because that is the part of God, our part is performance with full dedication. And also that we don't perform for upshot, we perform because we are made to do things, not for the greed of outcome.

Even I try to follow some of these in my life and I really like the way Arjun put forward himself so truthfully and asks such questions.I would also like to ask him for tips so that I can progress in my life. I really get inspired with their dialogue and would love to ask him several questions, related to,how so quickly he understood all of it and applied in his life, because I try, succeed many times but when I don’t succeed I give up.And also how I can harness this knowledge in modern era? I hope Arjun will help me with that. 

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson

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