Sunday, August 25, 2013

Still alive!

When the birds fly towards a wrong way
Leaving their home far away,
With only memoirs of olden times
When I close my eyes,
The tears start caressing my cheeks
And the nights become bleak,
Though we were put together like the earphones
Like when they are kept without attention!

As I think of him
The reminiscences befall grim,
At times I droop
Like I had a spoonful of cough syrup,
Perhaps, even the fire has turned icy
And I turn out to be frenzy,
I feel it might be god’s prank
Although I already sank,
But I still hear that melody
Which keeps me still alive!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Food for the soul

For some reaching the mountain top is overwhelming
For others sky is the limit,
But a few relish their every moment
In exploring the eternity!

For some triumph comes evidently
For others after putting that extra tad,
But a few look beyond those clich├ęs
And spend their time, watching the birds!

For some work is worship
For others sincerity and compassion is,
But a few, put in, a whole lot
In knowing themselves utterly!

Maybe honesty and contemplation is not enough
Neither is integrity and benevolence,
For the soul requires nothing
As, itself is complete!

This post is a part of  WriteTribe 100 Words on Saturday#3, Meena’s prompt.

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