Thursday, July 11, 2013

Still afar !

When the dusk sets in
And birds fly back to their kin,
Pretty Betty flips a coin
Reminiscing her virtue and sin!

Subsequently she receives a postcard
From her beloved bard,
She can’t help but sing and dance hard
Trimming away her belly lard!

She takes out the calendar
And mark the days not so far,
To book that booth in the coffee bar
Not forgetting to polish her car!

Making her home tidy and neat
Is definitely on her list of feat,
Maybe she is going a bit off beat
Or is it just the summer heat?

Even the winds have gone wild
But her inner self is in a tone so mild,
As if everything seeming gild
Yet like a child!

Crash! And there, comes a bellow
Asking for help of a fellow,
How has purple turned to yellow?
When dreams were all mellow!

Now as he cannot be found, who will sing that quixotic song?
When she gets in the doldrums for long,
And do right to her wrong
Why responsibility and solitude come in sync like a bell buzzing- ding dong!

This is in response to the Write Tribe Contest #1 


  1. Wow...nice poem. I liked the unsual way of ending the same, especially the last line on responsibility....

    Sreedev Soman @ KookyDom

  2. I adore the poem, Megha and charmed how you fit the words so beautifully. It's such beautiful verses and relish in reading:) Aesthetically written.

    1. Thank you so much!! Never thought I would get such compliments! Thanks once again..

  3. Good poem.. The rhyming scheme is good :)

  4. I am a biig fan of poems . I attempted a poem too for this prompt but I loved urs siimple sweet and cute

  5. Thanks for your entry to the contest, Megha.