Monday, July 3, 2017

True Robin hoods (minus the robbing)

While we skip a meal out of anger,
There is somewhere a child dying of hunger.
He waits for his dad every night,
The day's wages fill his stomach, might.

But, mother's lullaby is all he gets, alas!
How selfish we are, to let such a thing pass.
Even today more people die of hunger,
Than AIDS, malaria and terrorism put together.

The next time you see leftovers going to waste,
Contact RHA Lucknow, make haste.
An awesome group of people, selfless,
Join them to get many a bless.

While RHA Lucknow

Graciously, food is coming from eateries many,
But volunteers we need, to feed every tummy.
Pick a day of the week to #BeARobin
Share with all your kith and kin. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

You will be there for me, I know

You make conversations lighter,
And my cheeks red with laughter!
You would always have a solution,
To a problem, which cannot be thought in my position.

Live life king size.
Or your existence might just seize.
Why do I always have to over think?
And force the brains to shrink!

You also showed me another side,
To my every stride!
I have changed in ways,
Which I can't express or say.

They say you change friends every seven years.
It is my one and only fear.
You are insane,
And my main!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


(Al-hamdulillah – “We are grateful to the Lord”)

The ninth month of Islamic calendar, is also the month of Ramzan, holiest month in Islam, which is also the fasting month for the Muslims. The month lasts for 29-30 days based on the sighting of the crescent moon. Fasting from dawn until sunset is obligatory for adult Muslims.

To refrain from sinful behavior – false speech, insulting, cursing, lying.  Fasting doesn’t have to be only bodily and physical by abstaining oneself form the food and drinks but also refraining oneself from the bad deeds! A believer has to temporarily eschew inappropriate action and speech.

To lead a life of thankfulness of God. We, human beings are blessed with so many things, which are taken for granted, we become so accustomed to them that we fail to realize that we don’t take them as blessings from God. The month of Ramzan also makes us feel how precious these blessings are.

“Believers, fasting has been prescribed for you, just as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard yourself against evil” Quran (2:183)

“He desires you to fast the whole month, so that you may glorify Him for having guided you and so that you may be grateful for him” Quran (2:185)

“So verily with the hardship there is relief. Quran (94:5-6)

The spirit of prayer is humility. The spirit of zakat is charity. The spirit of hajj is unity. The spirit of fasting is patience.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

7 Lucknowi Tehzeebs that will blow you away!

There is no word in English which can replace the word “tehzeeb”  , “Courtesy” comes close, but cannot embody the essence in the same way!

1  Hum
The word is enough! “Hum aa reh hai” As the people from other cities in India tease the Lucknowites , whether you are coming alone or your whole clan is accompanying you, will always be a mystery!

2   Aaiye/Baithiye /Aap
Be it a rickshaw puller at Charbagh railway station or that Chikan shopkeeper at Chowk, they will treat you with immense respect, and you would notice this all the more, if you are a non Lucknowite!

“Aap zara Aukaat me rahiye!”

3  “Ji” instead of “haan” or “yes”
 As a mark of respect Lucknowites will always answer as “ji” on the other hand “haan” is considered utterly disrespectful!

4  Minor fights
All of us are aware of the most fabulous traffic sense of the city, if a person happens to bang someone’s car, the conversation, is the most interesting one!
“Dekhiye agar aap hamari baat nahi manenge to hum aap ki walida mohtarma ki shaan mei gustakhana kalimat pesh karienge!”

5  Pehle aap

A story
Two nawabs of Awadh, are about to embark on the same train at the same time, but  one of them steps aside and says “pehle aap” but the second one insists “pehle aap” and this courteous impasse carries on, while the train departs!

6   Shayari on the go
All of you have attempted to write/say a shayari at some point in life! Also you would never fail to find the most polite shayaris on trucks/tempo/auto.


7  Muskuraiye, aap Lucknow me hai !
The polite Gesture and words of random people in Lucknow, will amuse you and you can’t help but smile, because even when we threaten people, we do it with tehzeeb!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Shush, she need not say it loud!
It is something which makes her one amongst 497 million’s crowd.
Still, the spots should be hidden,
Oh, so god forbidden!

It’s a biological part of her existence,
But is treated with every possible pretense!
What if she doesn’t have the access to necessity?
Let’s show her some more pity!

Only 12% are able to have the luxury.
So what if 27% of them (diagnosed cervical cancer), can see their future blurry,
She misses her school 5 days a month.
Because 81% of the lot could only use the unsterilized cloth!

If condoms and contraceptives can be tax free!
Then why can’t even the sanitary napkins be?
Are the cramps not enough?
That the fight for comfort is made so tough?

Why do they have to shy away?
When 80% of them can’t even pay!
Support the cause, for tax exemption.
Tweet @arunjaitley or @shesaysindia, would you? Is the question.