Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fell for it, nevertheless!

As I was walking down the aisle, those 5 months just flashed back in my mind. Was it so designed from the very beginning? Not really!

Going through various profiles, for a suitable guy, was reasonable enough. Though, screening through various bio data, each week was a tedious errand. Sometimes, giving up all hope, was what we went through and then a few sleepless nights with a voice whispering all along “God has a better plan, trust him”

I think it was God’s entire plan, when, on an early winter morning, my dad’s phone rang, as usual discussing about a guy. Dad insisted that he was the one, and asked me to meet him. I didn’t even bother to go through his niceties. I thought about giving it a shot. I had a firm belief that, dad knows what kind of a guy, I have always wanted and he must have chosen the right one.

When the meeting got fixed, in the coffee shop of a hotel, I hardly tried to look at him. The family seemed loving and decent. There was no proper question and answer session. And then we were asked to have a chat in private. It was just like I was chatting with my friend, I didn’t observe much, just that I was comfortable talking to him and enjoyed. Rest I could find out, once we get to know each other better.

Both the families agreed and everything got fixed, in a flash of second. I had many doubts and apprehensions but I knew I would soon find out more. Days and nights passed, I was happy talking to him all the time. He had a great sense of humor; I started to adore him for the way he was. But what I call love, I really don’t know if I was really falling for it. Everything was perfect, the way I would have imagined, then why this fear? I wouldn’t say I didn’t trust him, because I did! Then what, just because I knew him only for a few months and decided to spent my entire life with him? Maybe yes! But this is how I had always planned.

Well, amidst the arrangements, I hardly had any time to ponder over such thoughts. Days and nights passed like seconds, everything got really frenzied.
Finally the day had come; I had butterflies, of all kinds, beautiful, ugly, colorful and gaudy!And when I actually took my steps towards the Mandap, he moved his Sehra aside, and fixed his eyes on me, at first I tried not to look, as hundreds of eyes were already set on me, and then, hesitantly  when I looked back at him,I knew all of this was sincere. It was that moment which gathered so many memoirs that it would help it, last forever.

At that moment I realized so many things, like when he is by my side, I wouldn’t say that challenges won’t stir me up, but I know he will be there to hug me. I know even in the worst of times, we will have the best understanding. When two different people meet, they can certainly not agree on everything. And it is also not about every time one or the other is compromising. It is about how, at times, one puts the efforts to make the other understand, and at other instances let him do what he wants to and occasionally, even fight!

Everything can never be perfect or according to what we want. Situations around us will always keep on changing, even people and places!But if there is someone like him, for whom, I don’t know if it’s my love or respect, but because of the kind of person he is, even if it comes to the worst of the circumstances, when I would want to cry aloud in his arms, I will never try to be strong and be fake. Because he is also someone, who I look up to, I want to be like him, not be mean and selfish but be selfless and pure like him.

Enjoy the Saturday movie nights with him (however lame the movie is!) rather than puking around in pubs! (According to me that’s not  cool! ) For me love isn’t only about cuddling and kissing! It is about how I look up to him and always strive to be a better person, not for the world, but for oneself.

Maybe the life will get boring, but I won’t care, for, the life is being spent with the one, whom I love! I don’t think love gets lesser or more, true love is always consistent and is always there, with the every breath, it is there. And love will always be there, without any rules, even if one leaves before the other, I know it will endure. It will never get affected by the happenings in life, the kind of relationship we have with kids, if we have any, the progress we make in business, the nosy relatives we will have to face. None of this will affect our bond.
Words or actions won’t matter. Everyday saying “I love you” doesn’t prove that its love, everyday hugs don’t prove it either! Loving, loving and simply loving matters. The ways of showing it don’t matter, showing it at all doesn’t matter. When the days come, when we have to be apart, I would never long for his call, not because I don’t yearn for it, for the fact that I have that composure and I know he is doing something worthwhile, and when it ends, he won’t wait for a second and reach out for me. Being sarcastic can never be an option, because I know I will love him so much that things like this won’t find any place .Everyday compliments are appreciated but never a necessity because I will always be the prettiest girl for him. My nonstop chit chats won’t entertain him for long but definitely not be loathed by him.

And when my selfishness, blends with his selflessness, the two souls can never be put apart, because one completes another in every sense.

His love for me, really reached my soul, and gave it all he could!

As my tears of joy fell on my hands, I looked down at the platinum bands we exchanged, a few months back, at that point of time it was just an engagement ring, however, at this instance I realized that platinum signifies our pure love which  is rare and eternal, and will never fade.


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