Sunday, June 30, 2013

On a rainy day !

On a rainy day
When I set out for a stray,
Frogs croaking on the way
I leave behind my entire fray!

As I see, people running around to take shelter
I get in my craziest avatar and play in the pitter patter,
Splashing the water all around
My love for rains is newly found!

Drenched in rain as I sing along
Nothing seems right or wrong,
Fields go all green
Ubiquitously happiness is seen!

But as I realize the loss our country faced
Men, women and children mislaid,
Who went for a pilgrimage to a holy place,
Doesn’t this shatter the credence of human race?

Maybe it is just a twist of fate
And nature’s answer to our development rate,
Yet politicians contemplating over it rather than serving
Am I in a country which is full of people who are self-seeking?

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