Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Say- no more!

A cry comes from the inside, please do not hurt me, do not kill me, and do not treat me like dirt. I am a part of you, I have started to form, I exist, maybe I can be seen only through instruments but I have started to form. Such cries are either ended then and there or are thrown away after they are born. Even junk is treated more appropriately and categorized as recyclable waste and non recyclable waste, than girls. Somewhere down the line, even the fairer sex is equally responsible for such behavior. The old rotten thoughts which have lost all scientific validity, is still treated as the base for decisions. A place where women are treated as a cause for not being able to give birth to a baby boy, besides the fact that women carry only x chromosomes and instead men are responsible, (not exactly, but if someone were to blame) in deciding the gender of the baby, several other marriages were conducted, in older times just for the desire of a baby boy, who can carry over their names. This is pathetic, and what is even more pathetic is that, this is being carried over from generations .We call ourselves educated, but our actions do not reflect the same. How do even people think of throwing their child in a garbage bin, a well or a river? Some are killed in the womb itself, without realizing that it can harm the mother also.This doesn’t end here, when a girl child is born they are treated differently, they are taught different lessons of patience, values and virtues. They grow older and face the world with even more discrimination.

When things turn up in a perfect good shape, they are not appreciated much, they might not even be given its credit but just one blooper and they are indicted of the things which they have not even committed. They suddenly become responsible even for the cricket match India recently lost! And only because they are  girls, provided they do not have a bundle of choices, because no matter what, their responsibilities come above how and what they feel. For some it’s a routine, for others it’s the silence for not hurting anyone, for some it’s a daily thing and for others, it has become a prolonged habit. But for the rest, who don’t consider themselves an inch lesser than man, raise their voice for such injustice.

But also, who do we blame? Because things have been like this, especially in our country, like since Adam. It’s in the soil , air and water of this country , they are answerable for things they choose to do and even for stuff they don’t do , but they definitely have no right to question. And those who do, might end up in any of the extreme conditions, of over powering it or making it worse for themselves.

Being kids they are taught, that if a brother is teasing  or even hitting them , they are not suppose to dissent , because you are a girl and he is a boy.  Children do not even have that sense; it is the elders, who put that sense in them. Another thing which is taught, girls should compromise, should be given the smallest slice of cake, and still, should feel thankful for it. And girls, learn all of it, with practice and maybe they are blessed with that extra talent which helps them to smile through the difficult times. Some do it effortlessly and some need those additional efforts, some have it in their blood and some practice it continuously.

Nevertheless  a few, the rebellious ones, stand for themselves, believe that they can change the world, surely they can , if not for everyone in the same way but in little ways.  They build a path which takes us to the destination . And with this ride to the unknown, untouched and unfelt end comes a new beginning, which we call a revolution.

So, we can’t simply fold our hands and nod at the injustice happening. We all can contribute by taking steps in our own simple ways, we may find it needless and lame, but then huge change calls for a certain level of effort which can’t be done over night. It requires self belief, patience and perseverance, and the change will happen.We all should stand by what is right and say that no more of it will be tolerated, and fight for it till the injustice is wiped off. 

Say no more!

When you find a lass sob
You know that, just wiping tears isn't your job,
Instead lend a hand and take her off shore
And say - no more!

When you see the bias happening
You can't keep approving,
In its place, open another door
And say- no more!

When you witness inequality creeping
Stand for what is right, without much thinking,
Spread your lore
And say- no more!

And when you feel that maybe the deed is lame
Do not forget that it is just the beginning of the game,
Because the wounds are still sore
And say- no more!

We all must join hands with  Evan Grae Devis who’s fighting against girl genocide, who has really led a great initiative in Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.  

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