Friday, December 20, 2013


Vague and unsaid desires
Which our heart and mind conspires;
Fears and apprehensions, at times set us aback
Yet, that tinge of sanguinity keeps us on track!

Dreams at all times seem ecstatic and delighted
Not citing the toil and tough grind;
The rocky paths and mountains
One has to traverse without any bargain!

Sometimes strong winds can stir us up
Letting despondency and despair come up;
Out-and-out pessimism keeps us high and dry
Besides keeping prospects as a far cry!

Nevertheless, that sensation
When all of it comes into motion;
The things which we never really fantasized
But, somewhere within, had that trace of likelihood!

It’s also like those tacit desires
Taking exquisite structure;
As if, God has been sculpting it
Though we were never vociferous about it!

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