Saturday, May 25, 2013

Best friends , always and forever !

When everything around me paused and became lifeless, crying was all I thought, I could do. I felt helpless and hurt, a deep pain inside my heart started to grow. I became vulnerable and carried fright. Nothing worse could have happened to anyone, I bet. I was trapped in the emotional cyclone as I lost someone who meant the world to me. The reason, for which I existed, had lost. Memories are never enough to replace what has gone. My heart silently wept as it felt all alone, the ache grew stronger as the absence was closely felt. Time cannot heal all wounds, and some just get worse with time.

Now , only in my memories.
I wish you could stay till dawn!

It feels all alone
Nothing can be done but moan,
With heart beating in its saddest tone
I wish you could stay till dawn..

Bitter realization that it’s gone
The thing which I considered as my own,
With the pain outgrown
I wish you could stay till dawn..

Left in the world all alone
Unaccompanied and lone,
Since, everything around me has blown
I wish you could stay till dawn..

Regretting things not done
Feelings not shared, Words unspoken
Life, left with a permanent frown
I wish you could stay till dawn..

Why can’t mishaps postpone
When life gets in a danger zone
I am so hurt prone
All I wish is ,if only you could have stayed till dawn!!

Then, there came a light, an angel who took me by her side, gave me the love and compassion I needed and not the lectures which others gave. She showed me the path to continue my journey of life. I cried on her shoulders almost every day, and each day she gave me the strength to face the world. She never gave up on me and healed me with her wisdom and support. 

I shared my sorrow with her and she turned it into happiness and yes I learnt to smile, yet again. I understood that life is too short to grieve, and started to enjoy my present without regretting the past. Though I couldn’t forget what had happened, and carried happy memories of the past. I took my studies seriously, excelled in whatever I did, with her support. She loved me more than her kids and she is the reason , that today I stand tall with my head held high. I share with her every little thing which happens in my life. She gives me courage  to get past the difficult phases and enjoys with me in the best moments of my life. Though I call her my aunty but she means more than a mother to me. She is the reason of my existence. She is my friend, companion, (and as she sometimes says, “you talk to me as if I am your boyfriend”) everything! I know that if she is by my side everything will always be okay. I love her to the core and who said friends can only be of your age. It’s about around whom you feel most comfortable. 

I found the ray of hope in my aunt!

You taught me a beautiful stride..!!

I wailed and cried for day and night,
You came around and sat by my side,
I shared my feelings and fright,
You showed me the brighter side!

I gave up and shared my sorrow plight,                    
You showed me a ray of hope and the next tide,
My survival seemed meaningless to my might,
You showed me the path with pride!

My tears stopped, as I got your previse sight,
You made me a person, everyone took pride,
Spoiled and pampered alright,
You made my life a joyous ride!

There came an end to my sleepless nights,
As you tried, I got inspired,
Scared of heights,
Yet you made me glide!

Nothing seemed bright,
Till you showed me the smile I couldn't hide,
Frightened in a dark light,
And then you taught me a beautiful stride!!

Only friends can take your life to a new turn, a fresh beginning.I found my best friend in my aunt. She will be my best friend always and forever!
Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side…

Best friends always and forever!
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