Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A whiff here and there!

Yes! There is a void, within, which needs to be filled. Maybe it’s the state just before you grab hold of what you always wanted to. Going through such a phase is excruciating. It makes everything around you gray! You try to overcome it but it requires endurance to fill up that vacuum. It might also be a sign that something great is going to happen very soon. It is like that phase when it is going to drizzle, and creates an uncomfortable environment, because it hasn’t rained for long. As if, the earth is calling out to the clouds to start pouring. Because once it starts to rain, it will quench the thirst of many. Moreover, there is something extraordinary in the winds, which carries the smell of the earth, the messages of the loved and estranged ones, also the hidden fondness of enemies.

Feeling the rain and loving it!

Though, I love the feel of the winds as it is, but it also takes me to  simpler times, when only scoring good and playing around was foremost. Getting back from school, having lunch, relaxing for some time and then playing outside in the evenings was a tradition. As a child I used to love the monsoon and playing in the rain. Usually when it started to rain in the evenings, the power used to cut off, the thunder and lightning made me so thrilled that I used to run around in the house with delight that it’s going to turn spooky very soon. Mum used to shut me up and light up the candles, and my favorite pastime was putting my finger across the flame and flaunting to my brother that even I can do it. We used to play with shadows, and scare each other. And the moment when power went on, we used to dash around to blow off the candles and sing lame songs. I used to love the smell of the wax when the candle was blown off, it gave me a feeling of celebration, like after we cut the cake.

The smell of the wick-amazing!

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” 
- Jeffrey Stepakoff, The Orchard

There are certain other nostalgic smells which revive feelings associated with the bygone era. Like the smell of the balm, my granny applies it sometimes and instantly I recall my grandpa, I used to rub it on his forehead every now and then when he had a hectic day, only I was allowed to apply it, because my grandpa said that there was some magic in my hands which helped his pain to subside. And bonus, sometimes I also used to get my favorite chocolate in return. Greedy me!
Grandpa and grand daughter time- a bond so strong!
I miss him!

  The other day, my granny caught hold of me and maybe after years she was oiling my hair with the coconut oil, its aroma transported me to the days when it was almost a daily thing to oil hair, my mom used to massage my head with oil, and then neatly tie up my hair in pig tails. I think there was more to it. It wasn’t about simply putting oil in the head but it was love and affection. Nowadays showing love has a different meaning, but we should try to convey our feelings through such deeds, it has a delight of its own.

Since I have started earning, whenever I start counting my money I usually take a whiff here and there of the currency notes, it also reminds me that , how on Rakshabandhan I used to get lots of currency notes, and the first thing I used to do was smell it. My mum used to scold me saying that don’t whiff like some animal, and go and keep it safely. At that time I never understood the significance of money but, naively loved its smell. And now who doesn’t love its odor, but only because of its worth!

That day when my book got delivered at home, I was opening it and unknowingly I smelled its outer cover, which reminded me of the school days, when we used to get all our books and notebooks covered with plastic sheets, I simply loved the smell, in fact during school hours I used open up my bag again and again to take a whiff of it.

Sometimes remembering these little things fill my heart with joy, and jam the empty space with beautiful memories, what is life without such happy moments, recalling them is just like reliving them.

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