Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bring back the touch everyday – day after day!

Husbands and wives share a very cute as well as a complex relationship! In the start it’s all lovey dovey, the phone calls, the texts, the gifts and the cards! It seems like a dream, especially for a girl, as if her prince from the fairy tales has entered her life; hence it’s going to be joyous ride ahead! But soon after the wedding, reality strikes in. You are not only responsible for yourself now, but also for the lost socks of your husband, the fuel in the car, the milk in the refrigerator, the salary of your maid and the file on his desk! You may be forgiven several times for your mistakes but you can read the expectations in everybody’s eyes! Few weeks earlier you were the most pampered, spoilt, daddy’s little girl and now you are a wife, a daughter in law and a sister in law! You may not even get the time to talk to your parents and friends back home, you are in a learning process, trying to fit in the new life, new work, new relationships, and a different home, different atmosphere. It’s  like every day you are given a task and you have to do it within a time frame, more so every time you try you have to face a different circumstance, and that’s when you realize “ Did I marry to do all this?” well, you can never answer to this question honestly and lie to yourself and move on!

Amidst all this confusion, you hardly get time for your spouse, and with the little time you get, you have choices, either to sleep, or watch T.V. or to chit chat. And then your mood and the need decides, what you opt for, then if you opt sleeping you feel bad, if you watch T.V. instead, you feel guilty! And when you talk, although you love it, but you feel as if some things in life are being missed, you have no time to have fun, you can only have fun with permission (which according to me kills the fun part).You start to miss your previous life, that careless behavior, all night long watching T.V. , those fun rides and carefree times with friends and those sleepovers, you badly miss all of it!

But when you get ready for the office together, and when you drive to the same office with each other, (couples can give anything for this), when he changes the gear and you hold his hand, that sensation makes you forget the tough times, sneaking a kiss after lunch, takes you to another world and keeps reminding you, you have a companion now, who cares for you wholeheartedly! Driving back home late, practically going for a long driver every night is priceless! The way he holds your hand while you are driving, reignites the spark, reminds you of the very first time when he held your hands before the wedding, and I get Goosebumps! And not only this, when one is annoyed with other and the other person initiates the holding of hand, and then start the conversation and clear it up! For me, to keep the spark alive, we need to work upon it, not miss a single opportunity of rekindling the chemistry, and make it a point that we try every day, harder than the previous day!

Never leave my hand!

A beautiful relationship calls for a soft heart and a thinking which might not be logical or rational, but this is how it is! But every night when you get to sleep in the arms of your spouse, I think that touch,  that feeling is worth all the agony, hardship, heartbreak, disappointment, effort and breathlessness I guess some things  are more important in life.

Words can lie. Looks can deceive. But a touch... it reveals the truth.
In the rush to keep up with life, couples can become blind to simple things which can keep the spark alive. It’s not the lack of love, but a lack of passion. One way to reignite the spark is through the sensual experience of touch. ParachuteAdvansed Body Lotion believes you can #BringBackTheTouch. But first you need to awaken your sensual self. Touch, feel, caress, discover, #BringBackTheTouch. See more here.

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