Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Is stubble killing the fun?

Undoubtedly, the moustache gives you an edge,
Just like a chocolate fudge
And so does that tan!
That makes me your fan!!

Eventually, came the time
Sneaking out with you,wasn't a crime!
And when formally we met that day
My heart could not stop, but sway.

Yes or no! yes or no!
Are we hitched? I think so!
A nod from them, so from us!
But everything so quickly, what's the fuss?

The clothes are done, so is the jewellery!
Beware, the upcoming life is still a mystery
Make up check, the dreams, double check!
Oh is it? what the heck!

And so you are my man now!
So, is that the reason you bow?
Jokes aside,those hugs and kisses,
Makes me believe that I am your Misses

But, what's with this inconvenience?
Baby, can you get the beard shaved? yes your highness!
This is how things should be,
Oh my god! so cute and adorable you would be!

With the stubble you looked all macho and hot!
Stubble or clean shaved? you confuse me a lot!
But this new look with Gillette makes you all the more dishy
Which also makes me your life long admirer, isn't it fishy?

What I see is, you have changed a bit
Or is it just your innocence lit?
I think its because of your behavior
Or is it just the new look and the fervor!

But no doubt, Gillette has given it a new meaning
Its softer and smoother than the last inning
With no more rashes or scratches,
So dear husband, I'd love it if you get rid of the rest of the patches!

Beard or no beard I am all yours
Will come crawling to you on all fours!
But if you ask my heart,
I loved the clean shaven look from the start!

‘'This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

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