Friday, November 7, 2014

Daddy's little girl!

Kids take pleasure from little things in life. Their achievements are winning a silly game, racing till the school, getting that answer in math class accurate, be teacher’s pet, be the first one to raise their hand when they know the answer, telling mom, stories from the school and the playground, building that sand castle, drawing that lovely picture and gifting it to a relative, cutting a birthday cake, opening up gifts, licking the ice-cream, eating their favorite chocolate, doing something naughty and blaming the elder sibling for it, never stop competing with the people around them, watch their favorite cartoon, craving for that extra love from parents , waiting for a praise and feel like the king of the world, getting their arms bruised and pretend in front of friends that they are not in pain and how brave they are! (Although going back home and crying in mom’s lap). Nothing in the world can replace this pleasure not even money or power. It is their innocence which takes pride in accomplishing petite things and enjoying life to the fullest.

A family is complete when you see kids running around. But when kids are not at home, every nook and corner echoes their shrieks and laughter and their presence is missed. However kids can be tough at times. Not to blame them, it’s with age when they realize what is right and what is not so right, for them. That’s what parents are for! (Oops!). Speaking of a difficult child to raise, I was one of them (Though, not proud of it). My brother and I were the life of the house, apple of my parent’s eyes. My laughter could be heard even a few blocks away. I was the naughty one and always came up with something to attract everyone’s attention. I was the youngest in the family hence the most pampered one. My dad spoilt me the most, by fulfilling all my desires.Everyone adored me. And my brother was the quiet one, so he was praised a lot and I always used to be jealous of him.

The sweet elder brother and the spoilt brat!

 But I was very finicky when it came to food. I was only fond of cold drinks, ice cream, chocolates and Maggi! I used to loathe to eat vegetables, so I hardly ate any (Yes, I was that fussy). I did not like to drink milk either. For apparent reasons my power of immunity was very low and even my height was not at par with my friends. Because of my wrong food habits, my eyesight became weak and soon I had to wear glasses. I couldn’t play outdoors because even a scratch on my arm would take months to heal. So, whenever I played in the open, if I fell it used to be a hassle. All this was a result of my unhealthy eating habits and because of my stubborn attitude nobody could force feed me.

 My parents were highly concerned since my health was suffering. To begin with, my parents lovingly explained me the issues I was facing and the ways of getting rid of them. I could understand that what they are saying is for my good but I used to take a sense of joy in over ruling them (silly me!), so I didn’t listen to them.

Then I did not leave them with any option than being strict with me. They made a diet routine for me and I had to follow it without fail, which included a glass of milk in the morning with almonds, fruits at noon, proper meal in the afternoon and night, and a spoon full of Chyawanprash with milk at bedtime. It was not so easy to adapt it but slowly gradually it became a habit for me and started to like it.

 I was allowed to cheat on weekends when I could have pastries and chocolates and maggi! Within months I stopped falling sick so often, started to play around merrily. I was not among the weak children anymore; I could enjoy the rains, splash in the puddles without falling ill. I made new friends, did not bunk school because of being unwell, could be more attentive and need not worry about my health. I became hale and hearty. All this took me a healthy diet and regular intake of Dabur Chyawanprash.

As it is difficult for children to stay under constant pressure of school and studies and several other competitions, it is equally challenging for parents to manage everything, they give us enough space to discover our own talent and keep reminding us, the necessary things in life.

Parents raise their children in such a way that they should be happy at the moment and even their future should be safe and secured. Because sometimes what happens is, at the cost of today’s happiness the child may risk his future but parents have that art of balancing both the things. The child is allowed to do whatever he wants to, so that he is happy doing it but also make sure that in coming days he won’t regret it and be equally happy. The love, care and affection which a parent has for a child is unconditional, a parent leaves no stone unturned when it comes to raising their child in the best possible manner.

This post is written for Dabur's contest on Indiblogger "a healthy child makes a happy home" drawing from personal experience and tell how a healthy child makes for a happy home.

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