Saturday, June 15, 2013

The new way to connect- actual and illusory!

People in our lives come and go, some leave footprints behind, and it’s hard to erase them ,thus they wander in our hearts forever. I have some special people in my life, out of them, many are still in my life, and few have left, yet felt around. They bent my life in a way, I couldn’t have anticipated. So when I got an opportunity to connect with the bunch using  WeChat,I chose these-

Connecting with the ones!

1)  The one with whom I have that connection- I met this person a few years back and since then we are best of friends. We may not be in contact with each other all the time. Many times we don’t talk for months but when we get together, it’s like, we never estranged. As if we are meant to be so! We have had the most illogical talks and also some life changing and self improvement pondering. We can natter for hours and when it requires to be shut, we speak through our eyes, 
smile and frown

We talk, we care, and we share,
 With nothing to spare
Our love is rare!!

All those chit-chats
We love, we hate, and we are late,
On those dates
Our bond is a gift of fate!!

We say, we don’t say, for two or a day
In the sun, we lay
Never leaving each other at bay!!

We laugh, we cry and we pry,
We try and try
Wipe the tears till they dry!!

We tease, we giggle, and we balk
And then we stalk 
Geared up to hold and talk!!

    2)   The one who knows it all- Yes, I do have a person in my life, to whom no matter what I ask, be it of her genre, be it out of league, she has got all the elucidations. I go to her crying with a mishap or howling loudly in thrill, she welcomes me with open arms. If there is something, about which nothing can be done, she will open my eyes, with her wisdom and I will say, oh yes! This happened for my good. She is a magician for me. I never withhold anything from her, and love to present the “as it is” version of me.

She loves and also scolds
Can never get enough of it!
And the way she moulds
She can convert tragic
Into glory with her magic!

So on a rainy day
When I have nothing to say
And I give up all hope
She shows me a path and I cope!

She teaches me never to fear
When lightning is all I can hear
And storm is very near
Because she is here!

Without her life would be hell
That I can tell
But with her guidance, only love dwells
And whenever in need, can make video calls!

  3) The one who made it all- He created everything around us, from birds to beast, from humans to yeast, bread, butter and feast, happiness and sorrow in least. I get answers to my fears and apprehensions, I get that love and care when I need it most, without asking, because I have that connection with the power which guides me all through. When I am confused and look for answers, I abruptly get all of it and my path gets built instantly.

       With no hope left,
           I was nothing but a devastated soul,
           You aroused me with your deft
           Into a discerning individual!

           I never worshipped you in the form of idols
           But always had a faith in disguise
           You showed me how you subsist in one and all
           It’s just a matter of how you scrutinize!
          I started to feel you in the present
          Like you are shielding me from the contrite
         You steered me through the torment
         And made me incite!

        Now whenever I shake the instrument
        I know you are the one to spot it
        And take me out of the predicament
        To grow and exploit!

You know when to grab it 
and I know when to shake it!

    4) The one who has all the grump in stored- Like, loathing teaches you the value of fancy and despair makes delight worthy, this one in my life makes my every move count. His blames and accusations, increases my capacity of forbearance. His hatred towards me is important for my progress in spirituality. If he would have loved me as I expected I would have never yearned for the love of god. With our every conversation, when I feel I am broke from the outside, I know I have grown stronger, on the inside.

When I am already in a ruined state
All you can do is hate,
Showing me the pit
And you say, there is more to it!
Continue being jealous!

I gather myself and stand
Without the help of a person’s hand,
I see the night sky with stars lit
And I say, there is more to it!

You show me the worst of me
And never let me be,
Crammed with rage and fit
And you say, there is more to it!
With my head held high
And prospects hi-fi,
I share moments using wifi
And I say, there is more to it!

    5) The one who was once my ownI have never had a word with you since you left, never loved you , the way I should have , can never thank you enough for what you did. I have seen you in dreams that you are back and then trying not to open eyes and face the veracity. I know I have grown stronger since then, still I miss your lap, when I want to just lie. I  have no clue what I’d talk to you about, whether I will ask about the another world or I will talk about our life here, but surely I would like to be in touch with you forever.

From somewhere,somehow, you
look around!

Remembrance is never enough
And sometimes it gets very tough,
And then I say to myself
This shall pass too!

Losing the support and dependability
Whilst happens in reality,
Is harsh, and then I say to myself
This shall pass too!

Loving is all I should have done
Instead, hatred is what I had shown,
And then I say to myself
Like everything, the person has passed on too!!

Now, you can be felt, just like the wind
When I can’t find you using look around,
And then I say to myself
I don’t want this to pass on like this!

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