Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The one who is always around..

The trust, that when he throws up high,
he will be there to catch!

It is not just any affiliation; it is the most precious one. It is the most conscientious and respectable. With fathers, there comes a natural way of respecting them, for their revere. They hold your hands when you have a phobia. They scold you when you are off beam. But also adore you to the core. They never make you sit and explain stuff. Instead they set an exemplar.They have experience of every nook and cranny. They speak little but convey more with their stern standpoint. They do not emote overtly, in fact try to hide their contusion.

    1)      My father always used to say, do not be late for your school. Because if you fail to take your school bus, I am not going to drop you to school. We used to feel what kind of  a rule is this, all fathers drop their children, why not ours, but now we realize how it has shaped our approach, I always get ready beforehand , wherever we go and have realized the importance of punctuality. It also taught us that time and tide wait for none.

    2)     My father always have a humorous side to everything and in the worst cases also we used to end up in fits of laughter, this silently taught me that, there always is another side, life is not to mourn at every point but to look at another perspective. Now I know how to make people laugh, because I have a funny side too and now I also know how to take things differently and have fun.

    3)     Dad always knows what he wants to do and gets it done by hook or by crook, this teaches me the decision power, when you are sure that something is right and is important, you should be after it, and till either you achieve it or fail at it. Earlier I used to give up on things easily but now I give in my best to pull it off.

    4)     My dad never paid heed to what the society will say to him or thinks about him, he lives life for himself and his family and loved ones, because he is sure that whatever you do, good or bad, people will say stuff behind your back, so no need to bother and do what your heart says. Even I have stopped thinking about what people think about me, I do things in which I feel happy and satisfied.

    5)     My dad is an expert in teasing and ragging me till I end up being irritated and angry, then I realize how essential it is to be patient and not get angry at stuff and kind of people which come across you in life.

    6)     My dad has a very big heart when it comes to spending money , he spends it like it grows on trees, and when I ask him to be a bit miser, he tells me, you never know how many years you are going to be alive, you earn bucks for spending and enjoying and not for saving it all. This teaches me that even I should spend money for others and me without thinking much and make everyone happy.

    7)     My dad loves travelling and has taken us all to all parts of the country and a few parts of Asia. We have actually been to all the states and a lot of cities and towns of India. He feels life is short and he loves to know about the culture and lifestyle of every nook and corner. This teaches me how to enjoy life as we are blessed with only one life but we can have fun of several lives.

    8)    There came a stage in our lives when dad had to play dual role in his life , he is both our mother and father and he plays it excellently, I know it is very difficult for him to suffer the pain with a smile and never make us realize the absence of the one whom we lost. This teaches me that life can put you in any situation, it is important how you deal with it and act according to what the situation demands for and smile through your tears.

    9)     There came a situation in life, where, without his mistake he had to bow down his head in front of a person who had committed all the mistakes and still he did so, just to protect his loved ones, this taught me that we have to mould oneself according to the circumstances, though self respect is important but not at the cost of a loved one.

    10) My dad scolds me, teases me but loves me the most, he is one person in my life who loves me unconditionally, because I know sometimes I am a brat, other times I am stubborn and very difficult to deal with, I don’t listen to him many a times, but still he comes to me with the same love, care and affection. This teaches me how unconditional, love actually is.

There is always one hand, which is there to hold you tight!

Fathers are ones who love the daughters the most, and daughters are their princesses , they are harsh from the outside but have loads of love on the inside and when daughters get married , fathers are the most affected ones, because they miss their laughter and clatter in the house. When fathers carry their daughters in the arms for the first time, there is a silent promise, to keep their child happy forever, and they try to do it till their last breath. Daughters don’t stay with fathers forever but have a bond which only they can understand.

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  1. So true. Being my father around I always feel relaxed because I know he is there and he will do everything in a very perfect manner.

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    2. Yes Ankit, fathers are like that, we feel protected in their presence!

  2. This is such an awesome post Megha. I think you have one of the most amazing father ever :)

  3. I have stopped thinking about what people think ....... most of the people have this problem of "what will people say"

    1. Exactly! They are more worried about the people around them instead of themselves!!