Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fellow Traveller

You need not gawk at me in a freaky way
neither should you keep me at bay
I am a lass, with maybe, not so pretty a face
but I didn't seek your advice, even if that's the case

Yes, I know you are blessed with a flawless appearance
that I fail to achieve,even with endurance
But I am second to none
When it comes to fun!

I used that ointment for a year,
I applied this and that, whatever I hear
I did all that my skin could bear
Alas, the pimples wouldn't disappear!

People give me tips all over the city
They don't understand, I don't need their pity
I cry to bed with self doubt,
And wake up with just another breakout!

I have not seen a clear face in the mirror, now for a while,
And have to keep going,yet another mile
So for now,can you all let me be,
For healing takes time, can't you see!

My face not radiant, the reasons I can't trace
My skin is different , the hormones, not in place
I sleep with a clean face, and wake up with an oily one
The glands so active, always ready to give me a run!

The best part is how does a pimple manage to pop out on birthdays
And never forget to ruin valentine's day!
And I think it's every girls desire to have a face, spotless
To dress up and look flawless!

Yet it never forgets to depress me
I have learned  to carry it off with glee
It gives me the incitement to switch to a healthy way of living
 I take loads of fruits and water drinking!

I don't want those fake sympathies
Or those face packs and home remedies
I have tried and tested everything which can't get ickier
And now is the turn to switch to Garnier!

I would also like to have a day , a week, a month and a year
When I can look gorgeous, without any concealer
Love myself for who I am, for , now i use this face wash
Which purifies my skin , and leaves it as fresh as a lemon dash!

I emailed this poem to my spouse for his critique, the response I got made my day. Have reproduced it below,

"The poem's beautiful, and so are you
How flawless you are, you have no clue"

This post is a part of contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash.

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