Thursday, August 26, 2010

My very first post..!

Sometimes in life we end up doing stuff which we never really imagined. And when the things turn out to be good, we start to feel that- Is this what i have really wanted??and then an answer comes- yes..i always wanted this.
And not only because it turned out well but deep down when we see ourselves we get an answer.We start feeling good and there is a sense of accomplishment.We must simply sit back and realize the things which actually fulfills us.It could be anything. Not always big achievements but getting little things in life.
For some accomplishment could be reducing 5 kgs, for some getting into IIT.. but i take pride in small things as well.. like this blog...
I never really thought that i'd actually write a blog. But when I am writing it..I know i have always wanted to..
I feel satisfied and complete..!!

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