Friday, August 27, 2010

Being yourself

What really is life?
Making a list of the things you have and don't have? Always longing for petty things in life?
Or is it simply about LIVING and LOVING??
I think the answer is loud and clear..!!
It’s just about loving others and loving yourself too..!
Simply loving the way you look- ugly or beautiful - doesn't really matter as long as you love It.!
Taking pride with whatever you have - little or more!!

Judging the people and things around you, doesn't really serve any purpose!!
But simply accepting them the way they are..!!
Life is too short for counting your troubles..!!
We have everything what we always wanted. A loving family, satisfactory income and a home to live. We look next door and everything changes.
The grass always appears greener on the other side. The neighbors always look happier, richer and better off...
It’s not about looking at the half glass empty but the half glass full!

Like we always find reasons to stay unhappy...why can't we just do the opposite and find reasons to be happy?
Shop till you drop..!! Buy the dress which you always wanted to.
Get a new haircut..!!
Watch your favorite movie...
Listen to your favorite song.
See yourself in the mirror and fall in love with YOURSELF
Love everything about being yourself!!

Start off with little things in life
Compliment people for small things.
Show them how important they are!!
A simple thank you!! A tough sorry!
-will make your day better..!
Simply being you will solve everything..!

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