Monday, July 3, 2017

True Robin hoods (minus the robbing)

While we skip a meal out of anger,
There is somewhere a child dying of hunger.
He waits for his dad every night,
The day's wages fill his stomach, might.

But, mother's lullaby is all he gets, alas!
How selfish we are, to let such a thing pass.
Even today more people die of hunger,
Than AIDS, malaria and terrorism put together.

The next time you see leftovers going to waste,
Contact RHA Lucknow, make haste.
An awesome group of people, selfless,
Join them to get many a bless.

While RHA Lucknow

Graciously, food is coming from eateries many,
But volunteers we need, to feed every tummy.
Pick a day of the week to #BeARobin
Share with all your kith and kin. 

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