Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Shush, she need not say it loud!
It is something which makes her one amongst 497 million’s crowd.
Still, the spots should be hidden,
Oh, so god forbidden!

It’s a biological part of her existence,
But is treated with every possible pretense!
What if she doesn’t have the access to necessity?
Let’s show her some more pity!

Only 12% are able to have the luxury.
So what if 27% of them (diagnosed cervical cancer), can see their future blurry,
She misses her school 5 days a month.
Because 81% of the lot could only use the unsterilized cloth!

If condoms and contraceptives can be tax free!
Then why can’t even the sanitary napkins be?
Are the cramps not enough?
That the fight for comfort is made so tough?

Why do they have to shy away?
When 80% of them can’t even pay!
Support the cause, for tax exemption.
Tweet @arunjaitley or @shesaysindia, would you? Is the question.

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