Monday, April 22, 2013

Not a blogger as yet

I am not much of a "write anything and post" kind of a blogger. In fact I don't consider myself a blogger as yet. I started the blog around three years back when my cousin who is a blogger herself suggested me. I write in the very conventional way in my diary, to which only few people have access to. I may be quite outgoing as a person but when it comes to writing I  still get shy and don't express it freely in a blog. That is the reason i have a few posts in my blog. I have several diaries filled with random stuff, but when it comes to my blog , its nearly empty. 

Several times I click to the new post label and write,but don't feel that it is good enough to be published. I don't have followers so it feels like for whom am I writing but the thing is I love to write and I write it for myself so I shouldn't really bother if anybody's reading it or not. The purpose is to write and express myself. Now on, I am going to update my blog at least once a week . Even if nobody bothers to go through it . I wish to be a regular blogger like several other writers out there. Though I don't have any idea of how to socialize with other bloggers. I am more into reading random people's blogs and enjoying it. Very soon even my blog will be flooded with posts. Till then keep reading and blogging.


  1. Ahh! I used to feel same, although, I am not filling the diaries of lately but I don't care if any one reads my blog or how many followers I have for my blog but I just love to write things around me, the content which I feel should get publish in this virtual world.